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You can either spend time or money.

You can either spend time or money.

You can either spend time or money to grow a successful t-shirt quilt business.

A recent blog post caught my eye. The blog post is called “The 8 most popular t-shirt companies”. I read the article and it occurred to me that these 8 companies had one thing in common.

It is not the style of t-shirt quilt they make.The companies make many different styles of t-shirt quilts.

It is not the price they charge. The prices range from low to high.

 It is not how long they have been in business. The post did not have that information for some of the businesses.

What is it?? Inquiring minds want to know!

All of these 8 companies have a large advertising budget. They all spend a lot of money to pay for ads. The companies buy google ads, Facebook ads, and even television ads.

What if you do not have the budget to pay for ads? How can you spend your time to grow your business?

The main way to grow your business is to understand how SEO works. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is exactly what it sounds like. You need to optimize your website so that search engines will show your website over your competitors. Most customers who are searching for a t-shirt quilt maker will only search the first couple pages. If your business does not show up on the first few pages the chance of being found is slim.

You can make a beautiful t-shirt quilt at a fair price but if customers can not find your business they can not purchase your t-shirt quilt.

Join a group of t-shirt quilt makers and learn how to grow your business!

The average t-shirt quilt business who uses paid advertising spends approximately $50 to get one customer. Again-you can either spend time or money.

Here is the blog post:

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