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Winding down a year of making T-shirt Quilts

Winding down a year of making T-shirt Quilts

As we are winding down a year of making t-shirt quilts it is always good to look back and take stock of what worked and what fell short. Taking time to reflect will pay off in the future.

Did you meet your goals? Did you move your business forward? What do you need to start doing or stop doing? 

How about your prices? Did the cost of your supplies increase? Shipping costs go up? Can you give yourself a raise in the new year?

We get so busy working in our t-shirt quilt business and we do not have the time to work on our t-shirt quilt business.

Congratulations to all of us who survived and thrived during this crazy year of 2020!

Are you ready to work on your business in the new year? Do you want to find out how to attract customers? How about social media? Do you need ideas to increase you presence? 

If the answer is YES-what are you waiting for? Now is the time. 

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