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The Art of Making Tshirt Quilts.

The Art of Making Tshirt Quilts.

The art of making tshirt quilts takes time and patience.  This is the main reason you should not refer to yourself as a crafter.

What image does your mind conjour up when you hear the word crafter?

Do you think of a successful business owner that works as hard on their business as they work in it? A person who constantly tries to improve their business and strives to provide an exceptional customer experience.

My mind goes to a person cutting construction paper and glueing it together! There is nothing wrong with being a crafter. In fact it is a great stress reducer.

The problem of referring to making t-shirt quilts as a craft instead of a art is twofold. First customers don’t appreciate the level of skill needed to make t-shirt quilts. Second customers expect to pay a “craft” price.

The process of making t-shirt quilts is expensive and labor intense. Sewing and quilting machines are expensive. Sewing supplies are expensive. The price of fabric and thread rises each year.

There are 7-10 million quilters in the United State. How many of those quilters make t shirt quilts? I cannot find the number but I would guess a fraction of quilters make t shirt quilts.

Why? I have talked to quilters who say they do not want to work with tshirt material. Some don’t have the equipment needed to add quilting stitches to tshirt quilts. It takes time to learn how to work with t-shirts. The fabric stretches and rolls when you sew it.

Then there is the business side. Sometimes artists have a hard time valuing their work. If you would like to learn more about the business side JOIN a growing group of makers taking our business to the next level!

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