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T-shirt Quilt Business- Is now the right time to start?

T-shirt Quilt Business- Is now the right time to start?

T-shirt quilt business- Is now the right time to start? Now is the perfect time to put your skills to work for you.

Most likely friends and family have asked you to turn their t-shirts into quilts. You gladly make a beautiful quilt out of their t-shirts. They say Thanks -you are the best! You are happy and excited to make the quilt.

That is a common scenario on how people start their t-shirt quilt business.

Then you begin to wonder if they know how much time you put into making their t-shirt quilt. Making a t-shirt quilt takes sewing skills and a lot of time. Not to mention the equipment.

The next time a friend of a friend asks you to make a t-shirt quilt quote them a price. If they are happy to pay for your work you have a business. This is social proof. People are happy to pay you to make their t-shirt quilt.

How much to charge is a big question. Lots of variables figure into the cost. To understand how to price you can check out this article: Pricing

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