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The Third Most Asked Question is….

The Third Most Asked Question is….

The third most asked question in the t-shirt quilt groups always makes me scratch my head! The question is do YOU wash the t-shirts before you cut them to make the quilt? Like the other questions some folks say yes and some say no.

That is a hard NO for me. Several reasons why you should not wash the shirts are:
1. The washing machine could damage the shirts.
2. There is a chance a shirt could get misplaced.
3. Are you charging enough to do other people’s laundry?

Customers do not expect you to wash the t-shirts. They really don’t expect you to go to the added trouble of removing stains. 

The best policy is to recommend that all shirts sent to you are clean. Then cut them, sew them into a quilt and don’t worry if they are clean or not.

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