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Making Your Business Unique

Making Your Business Unique

Making your business unique is what sets you apart from the hundreds of t-shirt quilt makers. With the tools and basic sewing knowledge you can make a t-shirt quilt.

It is not rocket science. YouTube has dozens of videos showing the process of making t-shirt quilts. Books have been written with the instructions.

Your challenge is to make your business stand out from the pack. Why would a buyer choose your shop over another shop. Do you have the lowest price? How is your customer service? Do your t-shirt quilts look different from everyone else’s?

I have studied t-shirt quilt makers to identify what makes them unique. Here are some of the bigger shops and their selling features:

Project Repat make blankets out of t-shirts. Technically they are blankets because they do not have batting between the shirts and the backing fabric. Most people think of them as quilts. Cost is what sets them apart. They advertise the lowest price. Several times a year you can buy a gift certificate for half the price.

Campusquilt makes the ordering process easy. You pay a deposit and they send you a download of instructions and numbers to pin on your shirts for the layout.

Toocooltshirtquilts are custom quilted-each block is different.. They also have several locations in the US to mail your shirts.

The challenge for your business is to find your unique selling feature to make your shop stand out. One of my friends in the t-shirt quilt business adds a contrasting flange on the border.

One selling feature that smaller businesses have is customer service. We have the opportunity to interact with our customers and provide a more personal service. We know our customers by name and not a order number.

What is your unique selling feature? Do you want to explore this topic further? If so I can help you discover the unique selling feature that will set your business apart from other t-shirt quilt makers!

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