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Tips for pricing t-shirt quilts

Tips for pricing t-shirt quilts

 Tips for pricing t-shirt quilts? The topic comes up frequently in Facebook groups. It never ends well! People get their feelings hurt when others say their price is too low or high.

Some quilters are making t-shirt quilts as a hobby. These quilters are not concerned with making a profit they usually only want to cover the cost of their supplies. Unfortunately they make it hard on legitimate t-shirt quilt makers to charge the price that will cover their costs and make a profit.

How much to charge for a t-shirt quilt depends on many factors:

  1. The style of t-shirt quilt.
  2. The expertise of the t-shirt quilt maker.
  3. The demand for the t-shirt quilt.
  4. The location of the t-shirt quilt maker.
  5. The perceived value of the t-shirt quilt.
  6. Quality of fabric and supplies used to make the quilt.

The price I charge for a t-shirt quilt will not be the price you charge. The above variables have to be considered.

You need to experiment with different prices to see what buyers will pay. If you are swamped with orders try raising your prices. Keep raising your prices until the t-shirt quilt orders slow down. If the orders slow down too much you can lower your prices one notch. The orders for t-shirt quilts will become steady when you find the price that your customers are happy to pay. You will also feel like it is a fair price for the amount of work involved.

For a deeper discussion on the factors involved in finding the correct price check out the Learning Module 16.

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Pricing your t-shirt quilt is a little like learning to hula hoop. Keep working at it and eventually you will succeed! FYI-This is not a regular hula hoop.It is for working out and weighs 5 pounds.

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