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The B word and what to do about it.

The B word and what to do about it.

In a forum a t-shirt quilt maker mentioned she just didn’t feel like making t-shirt quilts. She wasn’t excited and did not have the desire to cut out t-shirts and sew them together.

Burnout-the B word! It happens to us all. Unfortunately most of us are on schedules that we have to keep moving forward or the B word turns from burnout to Behind. Here are some ideas to overcome burnout:

  1. Switch gears. I also make patchwork quilts and napkins so if I cannot bring myself to look at t-shirts I switch gears. Even though every t-shirt quilt is  different it is easy to get in a rut. Have you been putting your own quilting aside to work on customers quilts? Working on your own quilts will sometimes snap you out of burnout.
  2. Change the scenery. After I finish a huge quilt I HAVE to get out of the shop. A walk around the block or pulling weeds out of the flower bed. They both do the trick of helping me refocus.
  3. Clean. Give your sewing machines the spa treatment. Organize fabric, thread and shipping supplies. Throw out the scraps of batting that are too small to use.
  4. Social media. There is always posts to be written or messages you need to reply to.
  5. Get plenty of rest. Burnout seems to happen to me when I am tired. I have pushed myself to meet deadlines and have neglected sleep.
  6. Grace. Give yourself a little grace. Just sit on the porch and do nothing. Watch Snapped on tv or listen to podcast. Call a friend and catch up.

Burnout happens to all of us. Join our group to get inspiration on how to manage your business and keep it fun!

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