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Obstacles for starting or growing your T-shirt Quilt business.

Obstacles for starting or growing your T-shirt Quilt business.

What are the obstacles for starting or growing your t-shirt quilt business ? Do you think you don’t have enough money to start? How about skills? Too old to learn social media?

Start with what you have. You do not have to have a fancy sewing machine or long arm machine to make a t-shirt quilt. Plenty people are making quilts on their grandmother’s old Singer sewing machine. In fact the older heavy duty machines are ideal for sewing t-shirts. All you need is a sewing machine that makes a good tight stitch and sews straight.

Many times  the thread is what makes the difference. Use quality thread. Do not use thread that is old.

If you don’t have a long arm quilting machine there are other ways to finish t-shirt quilts. You can sew straight lines with your domestic machine. Is there a local shop that rents long arms? If so rent (and learn) until you can buy your own. Check out used machines. There are great deals available. Check out LongArm University for preowned machines. Cindy updates the list every few days.

Two excuses I hear often:

  1. My sewing skills are not great. The more you sew the better you will get! Buy t-shirts from thrift shops and practice. YouTube has lots of tutorials on how to make t-shirt quilts. Make t-shirt quilts for your friends and family until you get comfortable. 
  2. I am too old to learn how to market and sell my quilts. I can empathize! I wish I had started 30 years ago-but I didn’t. If you don’t start today will you be younger tomorrow? I wish! The time is now. Ask for help. What you don’t know someone else does. We are living in an amazing time. Knowledge is at our finger tips. You can find out how to do anything on the internet. Do not re-invent the wheel-google it.
“Put your vision to reality.” Bob Marley

You can realize your vision. You just have to believe in yourself. You just have to start.


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