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Low Sales- It could be your Price

Low Sales- It could be your Price

Do you have low sales? It could be the price you are charging for the t-shirt quilt you make.

A quick search of the internet and you will find a wide range of prices for tshirt quilts. You will find $100 t-shirt quilts and $1000 quilts. What makes one tshirt quilt worth $100 and another tshirt quilt $1000?

Have you ever searched for an item on Etsy and found the item for a very low price? Did you wonder why the price is so low? Did you question the quality of the work or materials? I have. And I usually keep looking!

How do you know how to set the price for the t-shirt quilt you make? Overcharging will hurt your sales. Undercharging for your work will hurt your sales too.

There are several ways to determine your price. We look into pricing in great detail in the group. Pricing t-shirt quilts is a struggle for many t-shirt quilt makers.

Join us to take your tshirt quilt business to the next level. Learn how to attract the perfect customer and repel the bargain seekers.

Customers are looking for a premium quality made tshirt quilt and your price should reflect the quality of your work and the materials you use.

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