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The number one question that is asked over and over.

The number one question that is asked over and over.

The number one question that is asked over, and over, and over.  Have you ever had someone ask your opinion? Then they go to the next person and asked them the same question. Drives you crazy right?

In the t-shirt quilt groups I am in the question comes up at least once a week. Twenty people give twenty different answers. Which one is right? Which one is wrong? How do you know?

The question is: How much do I charge to make a t-shirt quilt?

Mary will not charge the same as Sally who will not charge the same as Andy. They may make the same style of quilt but there are many other variables to consider. Mary does it as a hobby and is only interested in a little spending money. Sally has just started making t-shirt quilts and is still improving her skills. Andy has been quilting for 10 years and can make a t-shirt quilt in 2 days.

These 3 people will offer a different price.

There are so many factors to consider when pricing the t-shirt quilts you make. Instead of asking 20 random people you should research other t-shirt quilt makers. Find someone who makes a similar quilt and use that as a starting point to fix your prices.

Do you question your pricing? Do you feel cheated when a customer pays for their quilt? Are you at peace with prices and know you are adding value for your customer? If you are looking for direction you have found the right place!

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