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Proof to approve before quilting stitches are added.

Proof to approve before quilting stitches are added.

Should you send a proof to approve before quilting stitches are added? Some businesses do and some don’t. I choose to send a proof.

Mistakes happen. You are human and your customer is too! You may have used the wrong fabric in the quilt top. You may have missed the note saying put the “Yankees” shirt in the center.

The customer may have sent the wrong shirt. Yes this does happen! I have had a couple t-shirt quilts that had to be redone. One quilt the customer realized her daughter had included her friend’s shirt by mistake. Also I have had a couple blocks where it was iffy on which direction the design was supposed to go. I asked my customer to double check it for me!

The down side of sending a proof is the customer wants to change small things. This causes more work for you and is not good for the fabric to be “unsewed” too much. Or the customer does not understand a “flimsy” will look different when it is quilted. You can limit the number of changes that can be made. Most customers will understand the reason for the limits.

Overall I believe a customer will be happier with the end product if they can give their input into the process and have a little control over the finished quilt.

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