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Project Repat is good for your t-shirt quilt business.

Project Repat is good for your t-shirt quilt business.

Project Repat is good for your T-shirt quilt business. Project Repat helps drive traffic to your website -free advertising!

I read this article and am really impressed with Project Repat and how far they have come.

Some t-shirt quilt makers may think this low cost alternative hurts their t-shirt quilt business. I don’t.

I started seriously making t-shirt quilts instead of offering long arm services several years ago. My son thought I was crazy! One day he called all excited. Jon saw a commercial for Project Repat at 8pm on network TV. I can only imagine how much their advertising budget is!

Jon said -“Mom they are putting the idea of a t-shirt quilt in the minds of people who have never heard of it. It is good for your business”.

I agree. People hear about t-shirt quilts and then they start searching for a t-shirt quilt maker. They may want a local shop or look on Etsy. They look on Facebook and ask their friends. Some buy from Project Repat. Or they may see a t-shirt quilt shop they like better. They may purchase a t-shirt quilt from me. Or you.

If people are looking for a t-shirt quilt maker will they find you? Where does your business live? Are you showing your work to potential buyers? Do you make it easy for them to buy? Are you maximizing your profits?

I started this website to help women(and men) turn their love of making t-shirt quilts into a business that will provide them a livable wage. If you are serious and want to run a profitable t-shirt quilt business JOIN us to jumpstart your business and reach your business goals!

Happy Quilting:)

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