Pricing T-shirt Quilts-Factors to consider

Pricing t-shirt quilts can be confusing but it is so important that you get it right.

T-shirt quilt makers need to consider several factors in pricing their quilts.

The first factor is the style of the t-shirt quilt. Some styles take less time, and supplies to make.

T-shirt quilts with no sashing. The blocks are sewn to each other with no fabric between them. This style of quilt takes less time and supplies. 

T-shirt quilts with sashing. Fabric is sewn between each block. The rows are sewn together. This style is a little more difficult to sew and uses more supplies. You need to align the rows so the blocks line up.

T-shirt quilts with cornerstones. Fabric is sewn between the blocks and cornerstones are added. Cutting the cornerstones is added labor and fabric. It takes time and expertise to align the blocks.

Mosaic/ Collage style t-shirt quilts. The mosaic style quilt takes more time to construct. Each shirt is cut different sizes. There is more time needed to arrange the t-shirts.  Sewing the pieces together takes skill. You need to consider design and how to place the blocks that is pleasing to the eye.

A second factor to consider when pricing t-shirt quilts is your skill level. The first or second t-shirt quilt you make will look different than the 100th t-shirt quilt you make! Your skills will improve with each quilt. You will learn with each t-shirt quilt how to improve the next quilt. This is true with any job you have. Entry level pay is lower. Time and practice are important in pricing. The amount you pay yourself should go up as your expertise goes up. You would not stay in a job with no chance of getting pay raises.

A third factor to consider is the demand for a t-shirt quilt you make. Are customers willing to wait and pay a premium price for you to make their t-shirt quilt? There are hundreds of t-shirt quilt makers on the internet. If customers only trust you to design their t-shirt quilt they will pay the price you charge. If customers like how you make t-shirt quilts they will want to get on your schedule.

A fourth factor is location. In the US the cost of living varies from region to region. If you are selling locally your region will dictate your prices. Customers who want to buy locally will compare your prices to other t-shirt quilt makers in the area. This strategy will work well until lots of other quilters start making t-shirt quilts! Having a website allows you to have higher prices that customers in different parts of the country are willing to pay. You can receive the pay that is reflective of your work and not your location.

A fifth factor is the perceived value of the t-shirt quilt. T-shirt quilts that are priced too low have a lower perceived value to the customers. Lots of t-shirt quilt makers price their quilts to low. They cannot understand why they are not selling. A low price makes the customer wonder what is wrong with the t-shirt quilt. Are you using inferior materials? Will the quilt hold its shape when it is washed?

The sixth factor is the quality of supplies used to make the t-shirt quilt. Using quality supplies will cost you more. The upside is good quality fabric is easier to work with and it makes a nicer quilt. You can price the t-shirt quilt at a higher price point. How the t-shirt quilt is finished affects the price too. T-shirt quilts that are tied and not quilted are priced lower. Quilts with no batting are priced lower because technically they are not quilts.

THE BOTTOM LINE. Do you make a profit? Are you making money or just spending money? If you can not make a profit you will not be in business long. Your business is not a charity. You must price your t-shirt quilts to allow you to draw a salary. You do this by making a quality product and then marketing it to customers.