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Marketing Your T-shirt Quilt Business

Marketing Your T-shirt Quilt Business

Marketing your t-shirt quilt business is a crucial part of running a profitable business.

Business coaches say you don’t have to have the best product you just have to out market your competitors.

There is a lot of truth to this. Before I started my T-shirt quilt business I did long arm quilting for clients. I had several clients who did excellent work. The quilt tops were perfectly pieced. The fabric choices were beautiful. The quilt borders were not wavy and the borders laid flat. The quilt had the “wow” factor that would win awards!

You would think they would win lots of awards in the national quilt shows or at least at the state level. Nope. No awards.

Why? My clients never showed their quilts to anyone. They never entered them into quilt shows. My clients were happy making the quilts and never showing them to anyone except their closest friends. And me-their long arm quilter!

The same goes for t-shirt quilt makers. You make great t-shirt quilts. The fabric is good quality, the stitches are perfect, and the binding is professionally sewn. If you don’t show your t-shirt quilts to buyers they will not see the quality of work you do. If no one sees it no one will buy for you. You have to market your t-shirt quilt business.

Word of mouth will only take you so far. You need a platform to showcase your t shirt quilts. Several options are available. Social media sites, Etsy, Amazon marketplace, and your own website are all possibilities.

All this is true if you make a great t-shirt quilt. It doesn’t have to be the best but it must be high quality. If your work is sloppy or not professional all the marketing in the world will not make a difference!

Do you want to learn how to market your business? How to drive buyers to your website? How to optimize your social media?

JOIN a growing number of t-shirt quilt makers who are growing profitable businesses. Also your business will be highlighted on a clickable map so customers can easily find you!

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