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Tips From Long arm Quilters

Tips From Long arm Quilters

Tips from long arm quilters that will help your t shirt quilt business. I have been a long arm quilter since 2004 and in those years I have learned a few tips that apply to making t shirt quilts.

  1. Both professions work with quilts.A long arm quilter takes a customers quilt and adds quilting stitches. A t shirt quilt maker takes a customers shirts. The maker cuts the shirts, sews them together and adds quilting stitches.
  2. Customers are extremely important.Customers keep us busy and pay the bills.
  3. Treat your work as a business not a hobby. If you treat your business as a hobby everyone else will too!
  4. You must learn how to market your business.Making the t shirt quilt is one part of the business. Getting the word out that you do make t shirt quilts is the main part of the business.

Learn the tips to take your t shirt quilt business to the next level. Get your business found by your ideal customer. Learn how to make the hobby you love into a profitable business.

Click here to see the tips. To add your business to the Map and get access to all the learning modules Join now.

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