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Stay in your own lane

Stay in your own lane

To stay in your own lane is the process of deciding what you do best. And then delegating the tasks that you don’t have the ability to do or the desire to do to others.

An example would be taxes. I can do my business taxes but do I know what I don’t know? Best to leave it to my accountant because taxes are not in my lane!

Making t-shirt quilts. I know how to make t-shirt quilts and I enjoy the process. Are there parts I can delegate? Yes! I have a friend who preps the shirts. That is all she does and she does a great job. Can I prep the shirts? Sure! But my time is best used elsewhere. I also delegate embroidery work. Can I make the labels? Yes-but that is not work I enjoy and it takes me twice as long as the lady who specializes in doing labels.

Occasionally I get the message that usually starts off like this, “I don’t know anything about sewing or quilting….”. Sometimes it is a quilt they have seen on Pinterest or another shop. I listen to the suggestion and decide if it can be done, will it make the t-shirt quilt better, and do I feel comfortable making the changes. If it fits my skills I will accept the order. If not I decline.

Sometimes listening to your customers and trying new ideas will pay off. I have taken suggestions that helped my t-shirt quilt business grow. I have added new styles or quilting patterns to my shop.

One request I have gotten several times but I always decline is tutus. Several clients have sent me pictures they found on Pinterest where the quilt maker has sewn tutus onto the quilt. It looks good now but how will it look after it is washed? I don’t want my customers to be disappointed years later when the quilt does not hold up to use or washings.

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