You can make the best T-shirt quilt in the world, BUT …..

You can make the best T-shirt quilt in the world, BUT if you’re not being found by customers, then all your work is for nothing…

People are looking for experienced professional t-shirt quilt makers. Make it easy for them to find you.

Hundreds of t-shirt quilt makers can be found on the internet. Get your business listed on the Map of T shirt quilt makers in the United States to increase your visibility. Stand out!!

We are busy making t-shirt quilts. We don’t have the time to post constantly on social media. Learn how to engage your audience and increase your followers on facebook, instagram, etc.. The Social Media Marketing System will guide you. Go here to read more about it!

The best marketing is word of mouth. Give your customers a reason to share your posts with their friends. Customers buy from people they know, like, and trust. Build trust by showing up on a regular schedule on social media.

Everyday I get asked how to start or grow a t-shirt quilt business. Now I have the opportunity to share tools to help you market your business to your ideal customers. Years of studying the business side of owning a t-shirt businesses has made my business profitable. Now I want to share what I have learned with YOU.

Plenty of people make t-shirt quilts but few are profitable. Learn how to market your tshirt quilts to your ideal customer.

Benefits of joining include:

  • Access to learning modules. More learning modules are being added every week. In the learning modules you will learn how to set up your business, pros and cons of the different selling platforms, and how to make a profit
  • Your business will be added to the Map of T-Shirt Quilt Makers. Make it easier for customers to find you!
  • You will receive the Social Media Marketing System. This system details how to schedule posts and also gives you ideas on what to post every day. This has been a game changer for my business. We don’t have time to post to social media- we are busy making t-shirt quilts!

The subscription is for 3 months. In 3 months you will be able to go through the learning modules and your business will be added to the Map of Tshirt Quilt Makers. You will receive 3 months of the Social Media Marketing System.

The cost for the 3 month subscription is $60. You will be billed every quarter ($60) unless you opt out. Each new billing cycle you will receive 3 more months of social media ideas.

The average cost of a t-shirt quilt I sell is $600. For $240 a year you can take your business to the level you want. The level that fits your lifestyle.

Join a group of t-shirt quilt makers now to take your t-shirt quilt business to a new level!

Happy quilting~Vivian:)

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