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The Second Most Asked Question

The Second Most Asked Question

The second most asked question in the t-shirt quilt groups is whether to use interfacing to stabilize the t-shirts. As with the first most asked question you will get 20 answers. Ten people will say yes and ten people will say no.

What is the correct answer? Quilters interface the t-shirts for a lot of reasons. One reason is that interfaced t-shirts are easier to sew together. You can definitely sew faster. This will not be an issue if you only make a couple t-shirt quilts a month. You have the luxury of time. If you are making over 10 t-shirt quilts a month it is an issue. Each quilt will take longer to make. Time is money.

Yes it costs money to use interfacing. The cost is off-set by the time you save. Not only will time be saved sewing the quilt top but the quilting will go faster. The t-shirt quilt will be flatter and look better too!

Several people float the idea of starching the t-shirts instead of using interfacing. This is a bad idea. You want to handle the t-shirts as little as possible. You increase the possibility of damaging the shirts the more you handle them (starch, wash, iron).

Is it worth the risk?

Do you have questions about running your t-shirt quilt business? We have added a FORUM to this group. You can now ask questions and get real answers. Go here to see all the reasons why you need to join this group!

If you are interested in learning more about interfacing t-shirts for quilts this article goes over the benefits.

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