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If I Open a Etsy Shop Customers Will Flock to it…….

If I Open a Etsy Shop Customers Will Flock to it…….

If I open an Etsy shop customers will flock to it and order t-shirt quilts is a common misconception. Etsy is still the quickest way to get started in the business of selling t-shirt quilts but it does take work.

I have worked with many sellers to get their Etsy t-shirt quilt shop up and running, The same mistakes happen over and over. Selling person to person is a lot different than selling online. Face to face customers can get a “feeling” if they can trust you with their t-shirts. Online you have to build the trust.

How do you build trust online? One way is to present a professional looking Etsy shop. Prices for t-shirt quilts on Etsy are typically higher than the local quilter will charge. Customers will not be willing to purchase from a seller who seems to not take their Etsy shop seriously.

Are you struggling to get your Etsy shop up and going? Here is a list of the most common issues facing new sellers on Etsy.

Minimal To Do List Template-3

It is time to turn the views into sales. Ka-ching!

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