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Help customers find your business

Help customers find your business

Help customers find your business. You can make the best t-shirt quilt BUT ….if potential customers can not find you it is for naught.

In my business I get several calls a year from people who had Project Repat make their quilt. Now they want me to take it apart and “fix” it. ¬†They say why didn’t I know there were other t-shirt quilt makers?

Most of us are small businesses. We cannot afford big advertising budgets. The average dollar amount that larger t-shirt quilt businesses pay to reach a new customer is $50.

Don’t wait to get your name out to potential customers. The idea is to connect people who want a t-shirt quilt made with quilters who make t-shirt quilts.

Our best bet as small makers is to come together. I started the Map of T-shirt Quilters for that reason. Together we can help each other grow our businesses.

I am the admin of a Facebook t-shirt quilt group. 1 in 10 people who want to join are joining to find someone to make a t-shirt quilt for them. People are looking……..let’s make it easier to find us!

To get your business (website, facebook page, etc.) listed on the map is $5 a month. If you make 5 t-shirt quilts a month you can add $1 to the cost and pay for your spot.

Don’t delay-join today!

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