Do you want to own a T shirt quilt business?

Vivian here-I love making t-shirt quilts and I also love the business side of owning a t shirt quilt business. I took my sewing skills and turned them into income.

I started out making traditional quilts and opened an Etsy shop. Selling quilts was easy-making a profit was not! One day I made a t-shirt quilt for my husband and used it as an example for an Etsy listing. The orders started pouring in.  Now I have a website and 2 Etsy shops.

Making t-shirt quilts is very labor intensive and I realized early I needed to set up systems and streamline the process. I began listening to business podcasts and reading books. I spend about 6 hours a day listening to business podcasts and 2 hours listening to True crime podcasts. Not only am I educating myself on business but I know where to hide a body! 

The concepts I have learned and will continue to learn enables me to run a profitable business. Now I am on a mission to unite t-shirt quilt makers and teach them ways to make their business profitable. Sewists and quilters generally undercharge for their services. If you produce a quality quilt and know how to find your ideal customer -you will succeed . I help women market their t-shirt quilts to sell at premium prices.

If you are ready to start your t shirt quilt business or you want to take your business to the next level  JOIN NOW.

Remember it is not how much revenue you make -it is how much money you keep. 


PS: If you love true crime this is the best podcast to listen to!!