Now is the Time to Take Control of Your Time and Money.

Now is the time to take control of your time and money. Do you own a t-shirt quilt business? Are you a hobby quilter but want to turn your hobby into a business? We are creatives and sometimes the marketing side of the t-shirt quilt business is hard for us to grasp. I started this site  for 2 reasons:

  1. A source for customers to find quilters who make t-shirt quilts.
  2. A T-Shirt Quilt Makers Map for quilters who may not have a selling platform to attract customers.

The goal is to connect t-shirt quilt makers with people who are looking for someone to turn their t-shirts into a quilt.

If you are a t-shirt quilt maker we would love for you to join. There is a nominal fee. Maintaining a website costs money. Being found when customers search for a t-shirt quilt maker takes proper SEO and marketing.

You will have access to learning modules that provide information to help your business grow and succeed. Topics covered include:

  1. How to price your t-shirt quilts
  2. Tips on shipping quilts
  3. Customer service and why it is important.

A Facebook group is available to ask business questions. The group is private and is composed of people who are interested in refining their business skills.


Remember-customers are searching for quilters to make their t-shirt quilt. Help them find you!