Now is the Time to Take Control of Your Time and Money.

Now is the time to take control of your time and money. Are you a long arm quilter? Would you like a steady income? Making t-shirt quilts provides a steady reliable stream of income.

We are creatives and sometimes the marketing side of the t-shirt quilt business is hard for us to grasp. I started this site for 2 reasons:

  1. A map for customers to find quilters who make t-shirt quilts.
  2. Learning modules to help your business succeed.

The goal is to connect t-shirt quilt makers with people who are looking for someone to turn their t-shirts into a quilt.

Do you want to reach more customers? We all do!

You will have access to learning modules that provide information to help your business grow and succeed. Topics covered include pricing, shipping and customer service.

Check it out-

Remember-customers are searching for quilters to make their t-shirt quilt. Help them find you!