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T-shirt quilt business-Do you have the drive?

T-shirt quilt business-Do you have the drive?

Operating a t-shirt quilt business and making t-shirt quilts are not the same.

Lots of people make t-shirt quilts but few have the drive to put in the work to make it into a business. 

Facebook has many groups you can join to learn the tips to making t-shirt quilts. The groups are full of hobby quilters. They make t-shirt quilts to sell. But do they make a profit?

YouTube has lots of videos that show how to prep the shirts, cut the shirts, sew the shirts, and do the quilting of a t-shirt  quilt. But not many videos to advise you on how to sell the t-shirt quilt! 

The information is available. Having the drive to learn the business side is crucial to making your t-shirt quilt business profitable. My purpose is to make your search easier. Why waste time looking for the information? Why  take advice from hobby quilters who only cover their expenses?

I have listened to the experts. I have experimented and added systems to my business. I want to share what I have learned with you! 

You can spend time searching the internet. You can listen to the hobby t-shirt quilt makers. Or you can join this membership and start profiting from your work. 

Now is the time to take control of your time and money. YOU can control your life now. You set your hours. You determine your income. .

Join now.

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