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Customers for life is the goal!

Customers for life is the goal!

Customers for life that is the goal! It is cheaper to keep customers than to find new customers. Here are 5 tips to turn customers into fans that keep coming back for more t-shirt quilts.

  1. As children we learned the golden rule. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. How does this apply to your t-shirt quilt business?Treat your buyers like you would like to be treated-fairly.
  2. Keep you commitments. Many customers want their t-shirt quilt by a certain date. The quilts are for graduation or birthday parties. Your buyers are counting on getting them back in time. We always want to land the sale but if there is any chance you cannot meet the deadline you should let them know up front. Also there is no way to know if unexpected things happen. So give yourself a little leeway for those unexpected situations.
  3. Deliver the t-shirt quilt you promised. It is easy to cut corners to get the quilts out. Don’t do it. Always deliver a consistent product.
  4. Make it personal. People buy from businesses they know, like, and trust. Address customers by their name. Also keep them informed throughout the process of making their t-shirt quilt.
  5. Thank them for supporting your small business. Customers like to know they are making a difference in your life when they purchase a t-shirt quilt from you and your business.

Do you want to improve your t-shirt quilt business? I would love to help you build a successful business! Join now and lets get started!

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