About Me

Hi -I am Vivian. I love making t-shirt quilts and I also love the business side. I constantly am challenging myself to improve my business skills.

I started out making traditional quilts and opened an Etsy shop. I sold a few quilts but made no profit. One day I made a t-shirt quilt for my husband and used it as an example for an Etsy listing. The orders started pouring in.  My revenue doubled in a year. The same the second year!

Making t-shirt quilts is very labor intensive and I realized early I needed to set up systems and streamline the process. I began listening to business podcasts and reading books. I spend about 6 hours a day listening to business podcasts and 2 hours listening to True crime podcasts. Not only am I educating myself on business but I know where to hide a body!

The concepts I have learned and will continue to learn enables me to run a profitable business. Now I am on a mission to unite t-shirt quilt makers  and teach them ways to make their business profitable,

Remember it is not how much revenue you make -it is how much money you keep!