Making Money Making T-shirt Quilts

I help people turn their passion of making t-shirt quilts into a profitable business.

Do you have the skills to help others by taking their t-shirts and making them into a cherished quilt?

Are you tired of working for others?

Do you have to desire to set your own hours and goals?

Join me to find out how you can become a company of one and have total control over your time and money.

There are thousands of people selling t-shirt quilts on the internet. How can we set ourselves apart?

*Make a quality t-shirt quilt .

*Pick a selling platform to showcase our t-shirt quilts.

*Learn how to market to our ideal customer.

*Provide an awesome buying experience.

I can help you cut through the clutter and fast track your t-shirt quilt business.

How much do I charge? How do I get customers? How do I ship the quilts?

Join a growing group of quilters where you find the answers to your questions. You have the process down of making t-shirt quilts-now master the business side!
Benefits of Joining
$19 month
  • *Access to Learning Modules
  • *Access to private FaceBook group
  • *Community of like minded T-shirt Quilt makers
  • *Business added to a future data base

Learning Modules

Module 1-What You Need To Start
Module 2- Setting Up Business
Module 3- T-shirt Quilt Samples
Module 4-Selling Platforms
Module 5-The 80/20 Rule
Module 6-Customer Service
Module 7-Time Management
Module 8-Keeping Busy in the Slow Seasons
Module 10 How To Know When You are Successful
Module-11 Saying No
Module 12- Unique Selling Point
Module 13- Your WHY
Module 14- Scaling Your Business